Bandai Namco Releases Tales of Arise Digital Cookbook after Physical Giveaway

With a bit of effort, it can be tasty as the ones seen in the game

Publisher Bandai Namco have announced a digital cookbook based on their latest hit RPG, Tales of Arise. The announcement was made through their Twitter after the company did a giveaway of physical books.

“Missed the physical cookbook giveaway? Don’t worry – you can now receive a digital copy of the cookbook!”

The Tales of Arise cookbook is available for free to fans who sign up to their Bandai Namco newsletter. At the moment, only the North American link seems to be working, with the European link going straight to their FB page.

The pdf contains detailed recipes from food the player can make in-game including: omelet, pancake, green juice, fish steak, bouillabaisse, shashimi (tuna), beef stew, pork bun, hamburger, vegetable soup, vegetable juice, grilled mushroom, gnocchi, fried rice, mapoo curry, gorgeous parfait, shortcake, and fruit sandwich.

The foreword is written by the quest giver Gourdeno:

My culinary comrades, having ventured all across Dahna I have tasted the
most delicious dishes imaginable. I search for only the top quality recipes and looking over this book, all I can say is… This… This is…! Absolutely… I’m sorry, let me compose myself for a bit.

The best recipes just don’t look beautiful, but they match it with a divine
aroma too. Very nice! An expression of the whole body and soul. Flavor
dancing in between every fi ber, every limb. Let your stomach be satisfied and live with no regrets! WHOOOA! This… This is…! Absolutely…Exquisite!

Tales of Arise is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam).

Source: Tales of Arise Twitter

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