Battalion 1944 Kickstarter Refunds Being Offered After Falling Short

The developers fell short on their promises.

Bulkhead and parent company Splash Damage have announced that all Battalion 1944 Kickstarter backers can now get refunds after it fell short of its promises.

Battalion 1944 Refunds Kickstarter Backers

Both companies have now announced that they will be offering a “no questions asked” refund for all of the Kickstarter backers of Battalion 1944, regardless of platform, pledge tier, or time played in the game. The game did not even make it to console as it previously planned.

“When we launched the Battalion 1944 Kickstarter we set out to ‘recapture the core of classic multiplayer shooters’. That line connected us to our backers and who financially supported our vision to celebrate everything that was great about that era of shooters,” said Bulkhead CEO Joe Brammer.

“Ultimately, we couldn’t fully deliver on all that we set out to do, most of all the release of the console version. Without that initial Kickstarter support, Bulkhead wouldn’t exist today. We want to thank our backers for believing in the project as strongly and as passionately as we did – but as we were unable to accomplish all the goals we initially set, we have decided to fully refund all of our original Kickstarter backers.”

Console Versions Never Materialized

Bulkhead has already raised £317,000 for the multiplayer-only video game built on Unreal Engine 4 via Kickstarter. It was planned to launch on Xbox One and PS4 after it fully launched in 2019, but the console version did not get developed at all.

“There have certainly been times when we fell short of our promises, and let our community down,” said Splash Damage CEO Richard Jolly. “Now, alongside Bulkhead we’re not just committed to learning from these experiences, but also demonstrating it through action, and we believe this is what best respects the support and loyalty that the Battalion community has shown us.”

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