Finally Back Again After Going Down Recently

Login issues persisted for more than 2 hours. recently had login issues that made several titles unplayable. It was recently resolved by Blizzard.

Due to the login issues previously, Blizzard was quick to release an apology on social media for the problems that the issues caused. It made a lot of games that needed authentication from, which could have started a disaster if Blizzard had not made a move.

During the outage, Blizzard investigated the cause, but did not reveal it after resolving at the end for some reason. “We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused by today’s outages, we’re working to resolve this ASAP.”

This apology appeased the community just a tiny bit. At least Blizzard apologized for the issues and let them know that the team is investigating and working on a fix.

After more than two hours, Blizzard came back with good news. Their team was able to finally resolve the login issues and let the players know that they could play online games again.

The issue was rather annoying because the games that got affected were not directly having problems. It was that had issues. Without it, players were not able to log in their accounts, which in turn would not let them proceed to play the game. It was the only one feature that blocked them from playing.

With the issues fixed, everyone is happy to play Diablo 4 and other free-to-play titles.