Battleborn Giveaway!

2K Games, publisher of the hit NBA 2K franchise and Borderlands, has partnered with us to do a giveaway for all gamers and Battleborn players out there! The giveaway event will run for 2 weeks; and in the 2nd week of the Battleborn Giveaway, we will make an announcement about the contest mechanics that will have great prizes for the winners that will join this competition that will start after the 2nd Week giveaway. Don’t worry, joining this contest will not require you to play Battleborn but it requires you to think about what can really standout from anything else.

If you haven’t read our review of BATTLEBORN yet, click here.

Let’s start the first week of our Battleborn Giveaway, shall we?

This first week of our giveaway will have one lucky winner to receive a BATTLEBORN T-SHIRT and 5 BATTLEBORN HERO PINS. The first week of our giveaway will run until May 15 11:59PM. The mechanics are really simple to join this giveaway, you just need to use our Rafflecopter app to join:

a Rafflecopter giveaway