Battlefield 2042 Cross-Progress Confirmed, New Details on Cross-Gen

EA has just announced that Battlefield 2042 is now completely on dual entitlement for all digital editions of the game, which means that when you buy the standard digital edition for PS5 or Xbox Series X|S you will be able to access the game for the previous generations of said platform at no additional cost.

Another great thing to note is that the progress of the game will carry over when you upgrade your hardware to the current generation according to Adam Freeman, the Lead Community Manager at EA Studios.

“We realized that the next-gen hardware is hard to come by for so many,” said Freeman during the closed media event that Sirus Gaming attended. “We want as many Battlefield fans as possible to start the journey with us on day one, and give those players the peace of mind that their progress will carry over if they get a new system this holiday season.”

While this has always been present in the Ultimate and Gold Digital editions of other EA games, this will be the first time that dual entitlement is present in the standard edition.

It is also important to note that the main difference between the current-gen and previous-gen versions aside from the graphics and framerate is that the previous-gen only supports up to 64 players in 1 map while the current-gen and PC support up to 128 players.

The Battlefield 2042 Open Beta is also scheduled to start on October 6 for early access adopters and will be available to the public officially on October 7 across all platforms.

It is quite a rare case for EA to consider the welfare of their consumers but it is one that is always nice to hear about especially considering that the stock of the current-gen hardware is still considered a myth by the people.

Battlefield 2042 is going to launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC this November 19, 2021.