Battlefield 2042 Leakers to Lose Access Rights to Tests, Full Release

EA's representative also added that those responsible for the early leaks have been kicked out and banned from future tests.

Following leaks of early gameplay footage last week coinciding with the Battlefield 2042 technical test, Electronic Arts has issued a stern warning through its lead community manager to potential leakers who will reveal footage of their gameplay experience.

Once the technical playtest has commenced, the Internet was immediately inundated with leaked gameplay videos posted by people believed to be participants of the testing. EA immediately took action, issuing takedown notices to websites that hosted the leaks like Streamable.

The leaks followed on the heels of DICE’s release of the Exodus short film that reacquainted players with the world of Battlefield. The short film reintroduced Kimble “Irish” Graves and Clayton “Pac” Pakowski, and provided a glimpse into the conflict that would drive the narrative and gameplay of Battlefield 2042.

Now, GameRant reported, EA lead community manager Adam Freeman himself provided specifics on the sanctions that will be imposed on leakers of content taken from the Battlefield 2042 technical test.

Responding to a thread on Twitter, Freeman reminded participating players that they are covered by a non-disclosure agreement. Leaking gameplay footage, screenshots and other forms of content can result in a copyright strike in their channels like YouTube.

He also added that any other leakers will immediately lose their privilege in future tests, and could be banned from playing the full game upon release. He also revealed that they have kicked out those content creators responsible for the earlier leaks from the technical test.