Battlefield 5 – Back to World War?

It seems that the interwebs are now circulating a possibility that the next Battlefield sequel will go back to its roots – the world war genre. DICE, the developer of the popular Battlefield series and recently released Star Wars Battlefront, is the current developer of Battlefield 5. As far as we have checked the source, it doesn’t state that it’s going to be set in World War but there’s a screenshot in the post from Latest News Reporters stating that it’s set in World War I. It seems that EA asked the Swiss Retailer,, to remove that information to eliminate the speculations. It also shows that Battlefield 5 will be a tactical shooter and will be released only on next-gen consoles and PC in October 26, 2016.

Screenshot from Latest News Reports:

wogOur screenshot:

wog 2

Who knows that it IS legit that Battlefield 5 will be set in World War I? If it’s true… well let’s go kill some Jerries then?

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