Battlefield 6 Confirmed Coming Holiday 2021

Battlefield V

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson recently confirmed in the latest financial report that a new sequel, Battlefield 6, is coming next year.

Battlefield V War in the Pacific US soldier

Wilson revealed that the sequel will be coming in Holiday 2021 after a long time since its release of the current title, Battlefield V. Since a new generation of consoles is coming soon, the publisher might have thought to add one more year for the development team at DICE to deliver the next title.

The EA CEO revealed in the latest earnings call session that there are eight separate titles coming in the fiscal year 2021. This included the new titles of the Battlefield and Need For Speed franchises. He promised that the next title will have a never-before-seen scale.

Battlefield V is the current title available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Official Document via DualShockers