Battlefield Big Reveal Coming Soon with New Tease

Battlefield V

Game company EA has officially announced that there will be a big reveal related to Battlefield soon.

According to the post on the official Twitter account of the video game franchise, this will be a big reveal and it will be happening on 7 AM PDT June 9. No other details were shared, but it is most likely the big reveal of the next Battlefield game.

There is another teaser video that was shared recently on a Twitter account and it featured a few cutscenes from the game with continuous footage. Coompared to the cobbled up video based from multiple screenshots, this one looked more authentic than the rest. There is also a countdown clock being shown, possibly the time before the big reveal happens.

No details yet on what is to come, but this is something big for the fans of the franchise. A new Battlefield game is about to be announced.