Battlefield V Update 6.0 – Into The Jungle

Battlefield V opens up with a new chapter for the Pacific Theater. 3 months ago we were introduced to Iwo Jima during the events of World War 2. Now the fight is going to be taking place in new map coming this update 6.0 in Solomon Islands.

Update 6.0 will introduce several new things to the game. Other than just brand new cosmetics, new guns will be available for play as well. Specifically the Type 11 light machine gun for the Support class and the MT Carbine for the Assault. Unlockable through Tides of War. New gadgets to help you in Conquest are also inside this new update.

Check it all out in the trailer:

Check out the specific details in this Reddit post the DICE themselves.

Update 6.0 will be expected for release the first week of February 2020. Stay tuned for more Battlefield V news here at Sirus Gaming.