Bayonetta 3 New Trailers Revealed

Summary and gameplay trailers!

Platinum Games has recently released new trailers of the upcoming video game Bayonetta 3.

Bayonetta 3 at Nintendo Direct

The first trailer features a summary of what to expect in Bayonetta 3 and descriptions of the characters involved in the game like Luka, Jeanne, and many more. Jeanne here has a new look with really long hair and is now called the Platinum Witch. It also features other characters that are known from previous titles.

Gameplay Explained

The second trailer features gameplay explaining various mechanics in the game like combos, Witch Time, new Infernal Demons, and more. While summoning Infernal Demons will make Bayonetta vulnerable and will deplete the magic bar quickly. To finish off enemies, use Torture Attacks to completely obliterate them.

The Masquerade Escalates

Bayonetta has the Demon Masquerade mechanic that allows her to transform her appearance for various new abilities like the Masquerade Rage. Each weapon will have different abilities and transformations. It will also have different uses for traversal and more.

Violeta and Cheshire

Players can also play Viola. She uses a samurai sword and darts. She can activate witch time by blocking attacks. She can also unleash the demon bound to her sword named Cheshire to deal massive damage to enemies.

Change Difficulty

Players can change difficulty at any time, which are Casual, Standard, and Expert. There is also an accessory that allows players to use various abilities with just one button, which is the Immortal Marionette, but it has a penalty on the battle results.

bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 launches on October 28, 2022.

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