Best Abilities to Unlock in Like A Dragon: Ishin

A comprehensive guide to obtaining the best abilities in Like A Dragon: Ishin!


Gaining access to the best abilities in Like a Dragon: Ishin is crucial, as they will determine how far one gets in the game. While progressing through levels and substories, you’ll unlock a wide variety of skills and abilities, and this guide will walk you through all the best abilities and skills that should be unlocked, so read on.

What are the Best Abilities to Get In Like A Dragon: Ishin?

Below are the best abilities to get in the game, including what they can do in the game and where to unlock them:

Health Increase

  • Fighting Style: All Fighting Types
  • Description: Increases your maximum health for better survival.

In Like A Dragon Ishin, players will encounter various opponents that are tough and very powerful. Relying on offensive capabilities isn’t the only way. Ensuring that Ryoma HP is long and healthy is the best option to survive and unlocking this skill ensures that the game will last longer.

Enhance Rapid Fire Rate

  • Fighting Style: Gunman
  • Description: Greatly improves ranged damage output with faster firing speed.

For those who wish to master the art of shooting enemies, using this skill is important. Most enemies are vulnerable against range weapons and using a pistol will be important in most escort missions.

Enhance Sword Speed

  • Fighting Style: Swordsman
  • Description: Improves in performing sword attack combos for greater damage output.

Ryoma sword skills are important but it is important as well to increase the damage output of normal and heat actions using a katana. In each chapter of the game, enemies will get stronger and stronger as they will be arming themselves with various weapons. Enhancing Ryoma’s sword speed will give players the advantage to not only prolong combos but also boost the offensive stats as well.

Essence of Finishing Stab

  • Fighting Style: Swordsman
  • Description: Mercilessly plunge your sword into a downed enemy. Consumes Heat.

Finishing off an opponent is necessary especially when he is down with a short amount of HP left. With this heat action, players can give a merciless death to any opponent by stabbing them with a sword.

Enahnced Rounds Knowhow

  • Fighting Style: Gunsman
  • Description: Craft Enhanced Rounds at the blacksmith. These babies don’t have any fancy effect but they pack a wallop.

There are two types of ammo in the game that players can use when equipped with a pistol. One is normal ammo and the other is special ammo. There are various types of special ammo but among them, that proves to be efficient is the Ehanced Rounds. With this new skill, players will be able to craft this special ammo easily in the blacksmith instead of buying it from a weapons dealer.

Typhoon of Steel and Fire

  • Fighting Style: Wild Dancer
  • Description: Transition Rain of Steel and Fire into a vicious heel kick with another shot to keep them down for good. Consumes Heat

When using the Wild Dancer fighting style, crazy long hard combos can be performed. With a combination of a sword and a gun, players instantly finish off opponents with a heel kick for added effect.

Essence of Sature

  • Fighting Style: Wild Dancer
  • Description: Parry an oncoming enemy attack with your gun then cut their spine to end their misery. Consumes Heat.

This move is actually the hardest to use as it requires absolute timing. But moreover, this move has proven itself to be useful against any type of enemy holding a sword, especially against bosses found in each chapter of the game.

Essence of Dragon strikes

  • Fighting Style: Brawler
  • Description: Transition the Essence of Mighty Strikes into a throw befit.

Being surrounded by tough enemies will be hard to get through and it actually happens in the game. With this move, players can grab an enemy and swing them around while knocking down nearby opponents is the best way to make a clear path

Komaki Dharma Tumbler

  • Fighting Style: Brawler
  • Description: Avoid incoming attacks that are difficult to dodge by rolling away after evading.

As one of the first lessons from Komaki Dojo, players can use this skill as a defensive option. By using the didge roll technique, successfully escaping dangerous hits will be no problem whatsoever.

What are the Best Abilities to Get In Like A Dragon: Ishin?

How to Unlock New Abilities and Skills in Like A Dragon: Ishin?

Gaining experience allows the player to get orbs that may be spent on the game’s skill tree to gain access to higher-level skills and abilities.

There are four types of fighting styles that players can use in combat, which are as follows:

  • Brawler
  • Swordsman
  • Gunman
  • Wild Dancer

All of these fighting styles are upgradeable. Every time a player earns the orbs to upgrade these fighting styles, they get a chance to unlock these skills and abilities to boost their strengths, defense, and more for Ryouma.

And that’s our guide on the best abilities to learn and get in Like A Dragon Ishin! Hope players like this guide and if players want to read more guides, check out our other Like A Dragon Ishin articles and guides.

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