Best Genshin Impact Dehya Builds

Learn more about Dehya in Genshin Impact

Best Genshin Impact Dehya Build

Dehya is one of the newest 5-star characters in Genshin Impact who possesses the Pyro element and is known to be a legendary warrior among the Eremites. That being said, many players are wondering what type of character she is and what the proper pieces of equipment are to be used for her. In this guide, let’s talk about the best possibilities Dehya can achieve during team fights and her best builds for maximum damage, so read on.

Dehya Stats and Abilities

Below are all of Deyha’s stats and abilities which players can learn and use in Genshin Impact:

  • Rarity: 4 Stars
  • Weapon: Claymore
  • Element: Pyro
  • Lvl 20:
    • HP: 3165
    • ATK: 54
    • DEF:127
  • Lvl 80:
    • HP: 14573
    • ATK: 247
    • DEF: 584

Dehya’s main role in the game is to become the main DPS of the party. Her Elemental known as Molten Inferno is an AOE-type that deals Pyro damage in a contained field that surrounds the user. It acts more like a defensive shield and increases the resistance of being knocked down or interrupted while performing combos against incoming heavy attacks. Her Elemental Burst, Leonine Bite, is a hard-hitting skill where she will enter a state known as Blazing Lioness. In this state, she will unleash rapid Pryo attacks in close range that can easily lead to the demise of a single opponent.

Dehya- Genshin Impact - 01

Dehya Ascension Requirements

Below are all the ascension requirements needed to max out the level cap of Deyha in Genshin Impact:

Stage 1 (LVL 20 -> 40)

  • Material Requirements: 1 Agnis Agate Silver, 3 Sand Grease Pupa, 3 Faded Red Satin & 20,000 Mora

Stage 2 (LVL 40 -> 50)

  • Material Requirements: 3 Agnis Agate Fragment, 10 Sand Grease Pupa, 15 Faded Red Satin, 2 Light Guiding Tetrahedron & 40,000 Mora

Stage 3 (LVL 50 -> 60)

  • Material Requirements: 6 Agnis Agate Fragment, 20 Sand Grease Pupa, 12 Trimmed Red Silk, 4 Light Guiding Tetrahedron & 60,000 Mora

Stage 4 (LVL 60 -> 70)

  • Material Requirements: 3 Agnis Agate Chunk, 30 Sand Grease Pupa, 18 Trimmed Red Silk, 8 Light Guiding Tetrahedron & 80,000 Mora

Stage 5 (LVL 70 -> 80)

  • Material Requirements: 6 Agnis Agate Chunk, 45 Sand Grease Pupa, 12 Rich Red Brocade, 12 Light Guiding Tetrahedron & 100,000 Mora

Stage 6 (LVL 80 -> 90)

  • Material Requirements: 3 Agnis Agate Gemstone, 60 Sand Grease Pupa, 24 Rich Red Brocade, 20 Light Guiding Tetrahedron & 80,000 Mora
Dehya- Genshin Impact - 02

Best Deyha Builds

As one of the most promising 5-star characters in Genshin Impact, Dehya has the highest HP base among the roster and her attacks are strengthened even further when buffs have been applied. However, in terms of combat strength, she is currently weak as her DMG output is below average and her Elemental Burst is costly.

Below are builds that help further improve the playstyle of Dehya:

Build #1

  • Recommended Weapon: Beacon of the Reed Sea
  • Recommended Artifact: Crimson Witch of the Flames x4

In this build, players will use Dehya as the main DPS of the party as the Beacon of the Reed Sea is the most highly recommended weapon to use as it increases her ATK and Max HP by 20 to 32%. Since buffing Dehya is required, this effect is highly recommended as it will also increase her CRT RATE of hers by 7.2%. The artifact set, Crimson Witch of the Flames is one of the best artifacts to use, especially for Pyro-type characters in Genshin as it can increase the Pyro damage of characters by 40% and will have its increase further depending on the reactions that will occur during a fight.

Build #2

  • Recommended Weapon: Wolf’s Gravestone
  • Recommended Artifact: Emblem of Severed Fate

For this build, if players want to use Dehya as a Sub DPS, using the weapon Wolf’s Gravestone will benefit them greatly as it can increase a user’s attack by 20%, and on hit against enemies with 30% or less HP will increase the whole party’s ATK by 40% more. To make up for the high cost of the Elemental Burst, the artifact set, Emblem of Servered fate help increase the Elemental Burst DMG of Dehya by 25% and gives players a 20% Energy recharge.

Best Team Compositions for Deyha

Depending on what role players give her in the party, Dehya is mostly used as the main DPS, and below are some team compositions that use her as the leader of the group:

  • Deyha, Xiangling, Kazuha & Bennet
  • Dehya, Ganyu, Shene & Bennet
  • Dehya, Xiangling, Sucrose & Bennet
  • Dehya, Ganyu, Nahida & Bennett

And that’s our Best Genshin Impact Dehya Build guide. Be sure to check out our other¬†Genshin Impact-related articles as well.

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