Like A Dragon Ishin! Leveling Guide – Best Ways to Level Up

All the best ways to level up Fast in Like A Dragon: Ishin!


One of the best ways for players to grow stronger in Like a Dragon: Ishin! is to level up. Naturally, there’s a lot to accomplish in the game, and you might be wondering how you might progress faster, including finding the best ways to level up. Luckily, this guide will give certain tips and pointers on how to do that, so read on.

Level Up Tutorial in Like A Dragon Ishin

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During combat, players will earn experience points depending on how well they perform in combat based on the ratings of the following conditions:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Technique

The higher the ratings of these conditions, the greater the amount of experience players will earn, including money. To ensure that players can get these high ratings, they will need to increase the number of max combos they can use in combat, avoid getting hurt, perform spotless takedowns, and perform various heat actions on different opponents.

Like A Dragon Ishin! - Level Up - 02

Once a player levels up, they will earn special skill orbs depending on the fighting style they use in the game. There are two types of soul orbs that players can earn. First is the training orb, an orb that is acquired when leveling up and can be used for skills and abilities of any fighting style. The second is a Style Orb; this orb is acquired when a specific fighting style level increases and can only be used for that particular fighting style.

Best Ways To Level Up in Like A Dragon Ishin

The best way to level up in the game is through combat. Players must face various opponents in various cities they explore, as in all Like A Dragon games. Most enemies in Ishin will appear as Ryoma patrols the streets. Some of these enemies will be easy to take down as long as players manage to master all their skills and abilities properly.

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Another way to level up fast in the game is by partaking in substories around the streets of Kyoto. Most of the substories or sidequests will have players fighting various opponents that are very unlikely to be encountered in actual Meiji-era Japan or training in dojos scattered throughout. Completing these sidequests will let players gain tons of experience and new abilities that can be learned and adapted through the Soul Orbs.

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The Battle Dungeon is also a viable option for players to earn experience and rewards. During Chapter 5, players will be introduced to various parts of the Shinsengumi HQ, and one of them is the Mission Receptionist at the east side of the Shinsengumi Barracks. Among the options available is the Dispatch Menu, which grants players access to the battle dungeons. There are various missions that players can choose freely, and each mission gets more and more difficult as a player progresses. If a mission is cleared successfully, tons of experiences, rare items, and large sums of money will be granted to players.

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