Best Weapons to Equip in Like A Dragon: Ishin

All the Best Weapons found in Like A Dragon: Ishin!


The are various weapons that can be found and crafted in Like A Dragon: Ishin. Some are explosive in combat while others can easily start up combos for lasting effects. Overall, they play an important role in making sure that players become stronger as they progress. This guide will enlighten players on what are the best weapons to equip and use, so read on and enjoy.

What are the Best Weapons to Use in Like A Dragon: Ishin?

In Like A Dragon Ishin, there are various weapons that can be found through substories, free exploration, shopping in Arms Market, and forged in the Blacksmith shop. Aside from using a katana and a gun, there are other weapons that players can use and equip that will give them various effects and more.

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Below is the list of weapons that players should get in the game.

Blade of the Shogun

  • How To Get: Crafted At Blacksmith Shop

This katana is the strongest weapon found in the game. It has an immense attack base and a powerful perk combination that deals with dangerous effects. If imbued with a powerful light element, players can easily stun and easily hasten their kills against enemies in an instant with one slash from this katana.

Golden Gun

  • How To Get: Can be traded for 100,000 Wooden Tags (Kifuda) at the Gambling Hall.

Among the pistols that can be used in the game, the golden gun is one worth getting as it possesses perks that can reduce heat gauge consumption greatly. This weapon is pretty useful as most of the time when dealing with tough enemies, the use of the Heat gauge will become tantamount to one’s success.


  • How To Get: Crafted At Blacksmith Shop

Among the swords found in the game, nothing speaks of deadly poisonous attacks than the use of the Murasame. This sword is effective against armored enemies and can easily melt away their armor with just a few slashes. Highly recommended to use especially for the later half of the game.

Golden Sword

  • How To Get: Crafted At Blacksmith Shop

Golden weapons in Like A Dragon games are mostly rare to get but in Like A Dragon Ishin, it is possible to craft. With its attack base at 1005, this sword has the same ability as the Golden Gun and performs basic combos that are more deadly than ever.

Dragon Hawk

  • How To Get: Crafted At Blacksmith Shop

This gun is unusual for being a long-range weapon. Among the pistol selections, this gun is the fastest unit to reload and perform unusual combos. Much to say, this weapon is really durable and gives players a chance to fire 2 bullets with one trigger only.

Bonbori Lantern

  • How To Get: Crafted At Blacksmith Shop

Swords and guns aren’t the only weapons that players can use. There are a set of special weapons and one of them is the Bonbori Lantern. This weapon is deadly as it mixes both wind and poison elements and causes a storm of disruption that is worth the use.


  • How To Get: Crafted At Blacksmith Shop

This katana is one of the most important weapons that players should get early on in the game. This katana allows players to efficiently level up Ryoma and unlock new skills from the various skill panels, expanding their options in battle in the process.


  • How To Get: Crafted At Blacksmith Shop

In most sub-boss battles and battle dungeons, players will encounter heavily armored enemies, and dealing with them will be a hassle. Luckily, the Onimaru is a good weapon choice to use as it pierces the enemy’s defenses easily and has one of the highest damage outputs in the game.

Cherry Blossom

  • How To Get: Crafted At Blacksmith Shop

Adding elemental perks to a weapon is what makes Like A Dragon Ishin worth the pay. The Cherry Blossom is a gun that increases the effects of elemental attacks greatly and this feature is useful since most of the special ammo that can be used has elemental properties. I really love this weapon as ammo such as Fire, Thunder, and Acid can have their stats boosted by 150%.

Lightning Needle

  • How To Get: Crafted At Blacksmith Shop

Call down the lightning as this special weapon can bring down a ton of foes with its thunder element. This spear can deal a ton of damage and has a unique heat action that stops multiple attacks from happening. Though it’s tricky to use, it is insanely addictive to use as well.

And that’s our guide on the best weapons to use and craft in Like A Dragon Ishin! If players enjoy this guide, please check out our other Like A Dragon Ishin!-related articles and guides.

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