Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Game to be Revealed Next Year

Finally new details of upcoming Indiana Jones game after long silence from developers!

Bethesda’s Todd Howard teased plans to reveal the upcoming Indiana Jones game next year.

Way back in January 2021, Bethesda revealed that it was starting its development of a game based on the Indiana Jones franchise. It was being developed at MachineGames, the Swedish studio that created the recent Wolfenstein series.

Howard, who is the executive producer of the upcoming Indiana Jones game, has recently spoken to Esquire in an interview and briefly mentioned the project at the end. This coincided with today’s Starfield launch.

“I am a giant Indiana Jones fan,” he said. “It can be brought to video games in a unique way. The game is obviously: you’re exploring stuff. It’s about him. So if you’re playing the game, how do you feel that you are indeed playing versus just watching?”

Howard then said that he was not allowed to share more information about the upcoming game, but as the interviewer was about to leave his office, he teased, “We’ll talk next year.”

This might have just revealed that the upcoming game will be fully showcased next year since Howard seems to be confident about talking with the interviewer and talking more about it in 2024. It’s the little drop of hints and way of speaking that gives away these clues.

Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game is still in development.