Beyond a Steel Sky Gets Delayed on Some Platforms in Certain Territories

New dates for select platforms and territories announced.

Classic game Beneath a Steel Sky spiritual successor Beyond a Steel Sky by Revolution Software and Microids has been delayed due to some issues.

According to the publisher, it seems the game’s release has hit a snag due to worldwide logistical issues and constraints. They state that it is beyond their control and now the game’s release date has been postponed on some platforms in certain territories all over the world.

Here are the new release dates for the game:

  • In the UK, the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and retail Nintendo Switch version will launch on December 7, while the digital Switch version will be released earlier, on November 30.
  • In North America, the digital Switch version is set to release on December 7, and on December 14 on all other platforms for both retail & digital versions.
  • In Australia & New Zealand, all retail versions will come out on December 17, while all digital versions will be released on November 30.
  • In the rest of the world, the Nintendo Switch retail version will launch on December 2nd while all other platforms (digital & retail) will be released November 30.

The publisher has apologized for the inconvenience and thanked everyone for understanding the current situation. Hopefully, no more delays for the game’s release.

Aside from the delay, the developers released a dev diary for the game, which explores the game’s lore. CEO and Game Director at Revolution Software Charles Cecil goes in-depth on the game’s lore. Since this is a spiritual successor to the classic game Beneath a Steel Sky, it was important for them to remain consistent with the original game while still being equally appealing to newcomers to the series.

“The way that we do this is that we make sure that all the core elements, all the vital lore, is brought through as part of the gameplay so that players experience it as they’re solving puzzles, as they’re driving the narrative forward,” says Charles Cecil. 

Beyond a Steel Sky brings back Robert Foster as the main protagonist and comes back to Union City ten years after the events of the original game. This time though, the city has become a utopia which people are happy due to a new AI. There is one twist though, in Union City, the rich live as close to the ground as possible while the poorest and droids live on the upper levels.

Source: Press Release

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