Biomutant Breaks Even After Launch with 1 Million Sales According to Embracer Group

Valheim was also reported to have gained more millions of sales.

In a recent financial report by parent company Embracer Group, Experiment 101’s popular video game Biomutant has gained 1 million sales after launch.

The Embracer Group shared their latest financial report this morning (via Eurogamer) stating the milestone that Biomutant has gotten since its launch way back in May 25, 2021. According to Embracer, the full investment into the development and marketing of the game together with the acquisition cost for the game studio and the IP was quickly gained back within the week after launch. It was that popular.

Compared to the recent controversy where People Can Fly was not paid yet by Square Enix possibly due to low sales of Outsiders. According to sources though, the game gained 2-3 million players in its first week, which is why the studio is confused why they are still not getting their royalties for it.

In other related news, Embracer Group also announced that Valheim has gained another 1.1 million sales between April and June 2021. This meant that it has already sold over 8 million units since it launched. Iron Gate is under Embracer Group as well.

Biomutant is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.