Biomutant to receive its first major update soon

Experiment 101 has acknowledged the feedback it got for its new game, Biomutant, and it will receive its huge update soon. Major outlets and the community had the general consensus that the game needs polish on its dialogue and a couple of bugs that need fixing.

In a series of tweets from the game’s official Twitter account, it mentions that the studio is already hard at work for a patch update to address all the issues Biomutant had during launch. The major update will ‘likely’ be released on PC before rolling it out on consoles. The studio did not further explain why it can’t be rolled out simultaneously across all platforms, it may need additional certifications from Microsoft and Sony before it goes live.

Our reviewer, Adrian Morales, stated in his review that “the pursuit of taking so many concepts and creating something unique, Biomutant winds up feeling derivative and dated.”

Biomutant is already available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Twitter