Black Panther Game Rumored To Be In The Works

Just in time for the upcoming MCU film!

marvels avengers

A new rumor claims that there is a new Black Panther game in the works right now.

After the announcement of the MCU film sequel Black Panther Wakanda Forever, a new rumor appeared online and it came from industry insider Jeff Grubb. He was praising the latest trailer when he continued with his upcoming new discussion of a new game that would feature the warrior king of Wakanda and he would share more details at a later time.

To be clear, no game company has made any announcements or hints that they were developing a game featuring Black Panther. There was one game though but it only featured Black Panther as a playable character and introduced in a DLC, which was Marvel’s Avengers. Other than that, a stand-alone Black Panther game is unheard of.

black panther game

Grubb’s tweet is unclear too and could mean something else. Still, it could mean there is a secret project out there that is based on Black Panther that we do not know of right now and might be announced at a later time. Since Black Panther Wakanda Forever is coming soon, a game company might bank on its hype and would ride that wave as well. So we will just have to wait on Grubb’s revelation or maybe the supposedly big announcement in the coming weeks.

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