Blade Kitten Episode 2 Now Out

After four years, Krome Studios unearths the long-awaited conclusion to their epic adventure!

Krome Studios Inc. are excited to announce they have found the long-lost Episode 2 DLC for their game, Blade Kitten TM, and are releasing it today for Windows PC on Steam.

Historians may well remember that the first part of Blade Kitten was released in 2010, developing a cult following, while the second episode was thought to be lost forever. Thankfully, skilled digital archaeologists have braved frozen tundras, treacherous caverns and booby-trapped contracts to bring this game to light for the first time.

Blade Kitten TM : Episode 2 continues from the first part’s dramatic cliffhanger and rewards patient players with exciting action, dizzying platform thrills and spirited adventure, according to the ancient prophecies found alongside the buried storage tapes.

The storyline, roughly translated from barely comprehensible 2010-era English, reveals that Kit “Blade Kitten” Ballard has been living with her once bounty/rival Justice Kreel and now seeks to unravel the mysterious threads of the Magasse and their involvement in Episode One’s events on Hollow Wish.

According to dusty manuscripts, Episode Two contains:
· Full voice acting throughout the Episode (for English) – with the same voice actors from the original release, with translated subtitles for French, German, Spanish and Italian.
· Five new huuuuge Blade Kitten levels, with a bunch more collectables still yet to be discovered, two challenging mini bosses and a final Boss battle that will push Kit and players to the edge.
· Three new blades, including the Darque Blade that was previously thought to only exist in legend.
· 15 new unique costumes, for everyone who wants to play as a certain Tasmanian mascot, enemy soldier or space pirate bunny girl.
· 7 new Steam achievements are rumored to exist, ready to be found by intrepid explorers.

Blade Kitten TM : Episode 2 is currently only available for Windows PC on Steam (, as DLC for the original game.

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