Blade Runner Classic Adventure Game Saved By GOG

Blade Runner

Game platform GOG has recently rescued another popular old title. The game is the cult classic Blade Runner, Westwood Studios’ adventure game.

Blade Runner can now be played again

This has been one of the top old school titles that many nostalgic players want in their gaming libraries for a while now, and this time they have the chance to download it digitally. GOG has rescued this title from the depths of the realm of forgotten classics and now it is back online.

On a serious note, the game has taken so long to appear because the source code was lost when game developer Westwood Studios moved. Thanks to a certain gaming community that this version is now back, the members have spent eight years reverse engineering the game’s engine. GOG has made a deal with Alcon Interactive, the license owner, to release the game DRM-free.

The game is based on the popular classic movie, but it follows a different detective, Ray McCoy. In this game, he hunts down his own renegade replicants and plays parallel to the movie. Players explore LA and places that were only briefly touched on in the movie.

The game is now available on PC via GOG. It can be purchased right now for only $8.99.

Buy the game here.
Source: PC Gamer