Blasphemous II Trophy Guide & How to get Platinum

The trials of the Penitent One continue as he once again plunges into the endless struggle against the Miracle. The follow-up to the first Blasphemous changes up a few aspects of the first game but retains that level of mystery and intrigue on top of the nail-biting combat and difficult-as-sin boss encounters.

In this Blasphemous II trophy guide, I’ll give you some helpful tips for earning the various trophies you’ll need to get the coveted Platinum trophy. Like most 2D action games, it won’t take you too long to all the trophies, even through multiple runs. Thankfully, the combat and platforming are just as good as ever. Maybe even better.

There are 46 trophies to collect throughout the game:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 2 Gold trophies
  • 14 Silver trophies
  • 29 Bronze trophies

Blasphemous II Trophy List

Platinum Trophy

  • The Peninent Two: Complete all Trophies

Gold Trophies

  • Canvas of Light and Time: Unlock Ending A
  • Second Psalm: Unlock Ending B

Silver Trophies

  • A Thousand Years Later: Defeat the Faceless One, Chisel of Oblivion
  • Blood and Lust: Defeat the Great Preceptor Ramdames
  • Blood and Gold: Defeat Orosina of the Confraternity of Embroiderers
  • Blood and Iron: Defeat Lesmes of the Confraternity of Incorruptible Flesh
  • The Sharpest Tool in the Shed: Defeat the Sentinel of the Emery
  • The Last Ascension: Defeat Benedicta of the Confraternity of Endless Orison
  • The Seas Dies on the Shore: Defeat Odon of the Confraternity of Salt
  • Forged in Fire: Defeat Sinodo, Hymm of a Thousand Voices
  • Fermonsa Fembra: Defeat Svsona, Fermosa Fembra
  • The Wait is Over: Defeat Eviterno, Father of the Penitents
  • A Heart of Gold: Defeat the Devotion Incarnate, the last child of the Miracle
  • A Sharp Rendezvous: Reach the room of the Sentinel of the Emery in under 30 minutes
  • Flawless Penance: After the first fight, defeat any boss without receiving damage
  • True Martyrdom: Complete 100% of the game

Bronze Trophies

  • Acta, Non Verba: Find all the Prayers
  • Full Devotion: Find all of the Rosary Beads
  • Weight of Penance: Find all of the Figures
  • Second Pilgrimage: Reveal the whole map
  • Acquired Taste: Unlock all Bile Flasks
  • Soledad: Unlock all the Rosary Bead slots
  • Still Among Us: Find all of the hidden symbols
  • No Cherub Left Behind: Free Proximo’s brothers
  • Empty Handed: Purchase all available items in the shop in the City of the Blessed Name
  • Hide and Seek: Find all the hidden Cobijadas
  • The Work of a Master: Bring every Remembrance to an artisan and turn them into Figures
  • House of Grief and Hatred: Complete all the battle challenges
  • A Leap of Faith: Lift the Curse of the Unforgiven
  • Twisted is the Path of the Miracle: Hear the echoes of the past
  • The Punished One: Kill 300 enemies using Ruego Al Alba
  • The Veteran One: Kill 300 enemies using Samiento & Centella
  • The Anointed One: Execute 50 different enemies
  • Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!: Kill every type of enemy
  • Ultima Ratio: Unlock all abilities
  • Blessed Incense: Unlock the true power of Veredicto
  • Storm of Death: Unlock the true power of Sarmiento & Centella
  • Edge of Orison: Unlock the true power of Ruego Al Alba
  • Warrior of the Silent Sorrow: Unlock all Weapon Memories
  • Welcome Back!: Fall into spikes and survive
  • Happy New Year!: Toll a bell 12 times
  • Two Old Ones Eating Soup: Reunite Castula with Trifon
  • The Finest Craftmanship: Unlock all slots in the Altarpiece of Favours
  • This is Blasphemy: Deal more than 250 damage with a single strike

The Platinum run for Blasphemous II is not an arduous task, no matter how intimidating the list of collectibles may appear. If we’re not talking about speed runs or anything close to that, then I’d say you can comfortably get the Platinum in more or less 15 hours. But if you know all the locations for all the collectibles and secrets, there’s a very good chance that you can cut that time by nearly half.

The most peculiar thing about this trophy run is that the Gold trophies are acquired after getting both endings. The Silver trophies are mostly for defeating bosses and getting 100% on the game. The Bronze trophies are the most time-consuming ones as there are collections upon collections that you’ll need to complete. Some are even connected to each other. I’ll focus this article on which collectibles you need to be aware of.

There are 65 types of enemies in the game. Killing at least one of each unlocks the Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition! Bronze trophy. It is best to just kill everything you encounter just to be sure.

The This is Blasphemy Bronze trophy seems like a hassle but a combination of The Anointed One, Thurifer, The Unwavering One, Tirso, The Traitor, Castula, The Purified One, and The Thirst might be enough to get you above the necessary damage threshold. Pair them with a fully upgraded Veredicto, and you are ready to deal some major damage.

To get the trophy, look for a group of enemies with low health, use up all your flasks, max out your HP, lower guilt, and ignite Venedicto by pressing R1. Keep defeating enemies until you get a critical hit. At which point, the trophy will appear.

While there are places where you can hit a bell, the one in the City of Blessed Name is perfect for the Happy New Year! Bronze trophy. You’ll need to go to the top room in the area using grapple points and strike the bell 12 times for the trophy to drop. You can do this at the same time you’re looking for hidden symbols.

A Sharp Rendezvous Silver trophy starts immediately at the start of the game. It is a time trial run to see if you can reach the room of the Sentinel of the Emery in under 30 minutes. (Yes, that involves fighting bosses in between.) It is located in Beneath Her Sacred Grounds. You’ll have to pass by Mother of Mothers and go down further. You may want to plan well in advance for this one.

Prayers act like sub-weapons and spells. To get the Acta, Non Verba Bronze trophy, you’ll need to collect 17 Prayers from different sources. Most of these you can find inside chests while you can purchase others from the Moving Merchant for a price.

Rosary Beads work on your stats. When paired with the right Altarpiece Figure, will provide boosts. There are 27 Rosary Beads scattered around the map. Collecting them all unlocks the Full Devotion Bronze trophy. By collecting all the figures, you’ll unlock the Weight of Penance Bronze trophy.

You can check the list below to see which ones you still need for the complete collection.

  • The Traitor
  • The Partisan, Viridiana, the Flagellant, the Scribe, and the Bishop can be bought from the shop in the City of the Blessed Name
  • The Choirmaster and Jaloque can be bought from the Moving Merchant
  • Nacimiento
  • The Ecstatic Novice
  • The Purified One
  • The Thurifer
  • The Pilgrim
  • The Tempest
  • The Pillager
  • The Demented One
  • The Alchemist
  • The Guide
  • The Maiden
  • The Unwavering One (Equip the Maiden Altarpiece until it breaks. Have it repaired 3 times to get the Unwavering One)
  • Cierzo (Chariot NPC)
  • The Anointed One, Veteran One, and Punished One can be purchased later on.
  • Tirso
  • The Thirst
  • Lebeche
  • Grebal (after finding all Cherubs)
  • The Cobija Mayor (after returning all 9 sisters)
  • The Confessor, The Woman of the Stolen Face, Castula, Trifon, Proximo, the Selfless Father, and Crisanta are acquired by giving Remembrances to the Sculptor

You will unlock The Work of a Master Bronze trophy by bringing the following Remembrances to the Sculptor. (This also ties in with the Two Old Ones Eating Soup Bronze trophy.)

  • Remembrance of Regula
  • Remembrance of Castula & Trifon
  • Remembrance of the Confessor
  • Remembrance of Cesareo
  • Remembrance of Proximo
  • Remembrance of Crisanta

The No Cherub Left Behind trophy is one that’ll take you quite a bit of time. It requires you to free 33 of Proximo’s brothers. They come in the form of decorative capsules and you’ll need to break them to free the Cherub. The problem you’ll run into most often is the fact that some may look to be out of reach. When you see something like that, chances are you are missing a tool or ability to get you in the right position to break the capsules.

There are 9 hidden Cobijada sisters to collect to unlock the Hide and Seek Bronze trophy. They are usually hidden behind walls that you’ll need to destroy. But sometimes they can be out on the map, somewhere out of reach but within earshot. The key is listening for soft whispers. That’s how you know you are close to one of them.

Below are general areas where they can be found:

  • Sacred Entombments (2 hidden there)
  • Palace of Embroideries
  • Grilles and Ruin
  • Choir of Thorns (2 hidden there)
  • Mother of Mothers
  • Repose of the Silent One
  • The Severed Tower

The same also applies to the Still Among Us Bronze trophy and collecting all 10 of the hidden symbols, but you’ll first need to get the “Chime of the Twisted One” Prayer from Mother of Mothers to reveal hidden symbols.

You can then check the following locations for each of them:

  • Repose of the Silent One
  • City of the Blessed Name
  • Mother of Mothers
  • Elevated Temples
  • Sea of Ink
  • Two Moons
  • Crown of Towers
  • Palace of Embroideries
  • Aqueduct of the Costales
  • Choirs of Thorns

And finally, by completing 100% of the game, you’ll unlock the True Martyrdom Silver trophy. A well-deserved title, if you ask me. The thing about the collectibles is that you can mark their locations on the map and save them for later playthroughs. If done correctly, it can save so much time when you’re going for that final sweep with all the abilities you now possess. Happy hunting, trophy hunters.

Blasphemous 2 is out now on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games store).

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