Blizzard Prepares for Expected Diablo IV Player Surge This Weekend

Brace yourselves people! It's gonna be a busy weekend!

Diablo IV players and Blizzard are now preparing themselves for the upcoming weekend for the expected surge and what it will cause during that time.

So far, Diablo IV servers have been stable and have only a few downtimes since its Early Access. Players have thoroughly enjoyed their experience of playing the game and have even produced level 100 characters already, which unfortunately have been lost too due to some circumstances. While the Early Access weekend was quiet, this upcoming weekend is the first for full access to the game and this has made the whole gaming community concerned.

Diablo IV Server Downtime Worries and Long Queues

Last June 8, 2023, Diablo IV had a rare server downtime which resulted in failed login attempts, which worried some players. Fortunately, Blizzard quickly fixed it with Development Chief Rod Fergusson apologizing for the issues. This weekend though, the volume of players might increase since there would be no more classes, no work for some, and a lot of time for fans to play the game the whole two days. Everyone is now worried that there would be big queues and potential downtime again and this time, even for a longer span of time.

It seems Blizzard is going to be prepared for that as it was confirmed by Fergusson in his latest tweet, but who knows, it could get worse than everyone has predicted.

Calls for Offline Mode

Due to this worry, many players are still calling for an offline mode for Diablo IV, allowing them to play the game even though they have not logged into the servers. They would log in again when the server traffic is not that heavy anymore and gain access to online features. Unfortunately, this will unlikely become a reality since most of its major features need online connectivity.

Diablo IV is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.