BlizzCon 2020 Is Now Officially Canceled Due To Global Pandemic; Digital Format Might Be Coming Next Year

BlizzCon 2020

Game company Blizzard Entertainment just announced on its official social media account that BlizzCon 2020 is not happening this year.

This has become a common happening now with the coronavirus global pandemic happening. In order to keep everyone safe from getting infected, Blizzard and Activision have come to this decision of shutting it down. This is obviously the right choice to make since COVID-19 is a very infectious virus and it can easily spread to the spectators with just one infected person.

This is not the end for the yearly event since the gaming company is planning something else. There are still announcements coming, but it will be in the form of digital broadcasts via streaming platforms like YouTube or Twitch. The problem is that the company feels like this is still new territory for them so the earliest calculated digital event might be early next year. They are also looking for ways to accommodate for big eSports events with alternatives that can handle high-level competition.

Blizzard Entertainment has promised that they will tell everybody of their plans sometime soon, but in the meantime they want the fans to try out their games like World of Warcraft and its new expansion Shadowlands.

What game reveals were you expecting for BlizzCon 2020? Diablo IV full gameplay reveal might have been a nice showcase with a tease of its release window.

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