Block N Load readies for Launch

Jagex Games Studio is excited to announce that Block N Load, the online multiplayer shooter, will launch for PC on Steam on 30th April 2015. The game, which has been in phase one beta testing since December 2014, features a unique and innovative blend of intelligent and creative tactics played out across ever-evolving battlefields.

In preparation for launch, Block N Load’s beta will transition on Monday 9th March from its initial ‘always-on’ phase to weekend stress and balance tests that will run up to launch. This change over will allow the development team to focus on fine-tuning the play experience in preparation of taking the game live. Players looking for a flurry of 24/7 Block N Load action before the next beta phase begins, should log in and take advantage now!

“We’re totally thrilled to confirm the 30th April launch date for Block N Load. The game has had a fantastically productive first beta phase since we opened access last December, and we’re hugely grateful to all of the beta players for their enthusiasm and feedback,” said David Solari, vice president of Block N Load.

“During the past few months, we’ve iterated, improved, and introduced new features much of it driven directly by player feedback.  We are now almost ready to unleash our block-tacular game,” Solari continued. “But, before that, we’ll be holding a series of beta weekends to fine-tune all aspects of the game. As such, we’ll be asking all of our players to jump in and ensure Block N Load is the best it can be ahead of its full launch on Steam.”

Block N Load is available to pre-order now. In addition to access to the final beta window, the Fully Loaded Edition also includes the ‘Skins for the Win’ downloadable content, plus a digital copy of Ace of Spades: Battle Builder.

For further information on Block N Load, visit the game’s official website.

Founder, Chief Editor