Borderlands 3 Getting Lots Of Love On Steam Despite Epic Games Store Getting First Dibs

Borderlands 3

Open world sequel video game Borderlands 3 was first available on the Epic Games Store due to exclusivity. It is now on Steam, but it is still getting lots of attention from its members.

Borderlands 3 gets love from Steam members

The third title of the trilogy was launched on the Steam gaming platform last Friday after it was exclusive for half a year on the Epic Games Store. Finally, most of the fans of the series that were members of the platform were able to try out the game. Instead of a big backlash, the game instead found a lot of praise from everyone.

Website Steam Charts revealed that the game has gotten a peak player count of 93,597 on Sunday. That is just two days after launch and it already has garnered a lot of players. It is really close to the previous second title of the trilogy, which got 123,596.

There was a perk, which could have been the factor for gaining a lot of following. The game got 50 percent off, which is only $30. It is a very tempting offer for those who are game collectors and fans of the series. Also, the whole trilogy is still on sale until this coming Friday, so get going and buy it already.

Thanks VG247. Source: Steam Charts