Bravely Default II New Trailer Features Magic Kingdom Wiswald

Game company Square Enix has recently released a new trailer for upcoming JRPG sequel Bravely Default II.

The new trailer features the magic kingdom of Wiswald and some of the key characters from the region like the three Asterisk Holders. Aside from the cinematics, it also showcases the different jobs players can choose from like the Shield Master, Ranger, and Red Mage.

According to the translation by Siliconera, the first character to be featured is the former mentor of Elvis, Emma Odilia, who is also one of the founders of Wiswald. She once traveled around the continent of Excillant in an adventure with Gloria’s father. The next one is Roddy Grenadine, the Red Mage Asterisk Holder in the game. He is the director of the Magic Research Institute. After the death of his daughter, he has become obsessed with his mysterious research.

Supporting Roddy is Lily Grenadine, his wife. She is a Ranger Asterisk Holder and has not left the forest town after the death of their daughter. The last to be mentioned is the Magic Research Institute guard Galahad Kelly. His position is the Shield Master Asterisk Holder. He feels responsible for the death of Roddy and Lily’s daughter.

Bravely Default II will launch n Nintendo switch on February 26, 2021.

Thanks Siliconera for the translation!

Here’s the trailer: