Bungie Confirms no Partnership Agreements to Hold Back Platforms with Destiny 2

Activision and Bungie’s latest sequel to their first-person RPG, Destiny 2, will be launching this September 6 on both PS4 and Xbox One, PC version to come at a later date. However, there are speculations that the reason why Xbox One X will not receive any enhancement because of Bungie’s partnership with Sony. Destiny 2 was showcased at this year’s Sony E3 Press Conference which shows exclusive contents for PS4 owners.

Now, Destiny 2 Project Lead, Mark Noseworthy, has confirmed that they will “never hold back game performance on a platform to appease a partner.” Both PS4 and Xbox One will be running 30FPS and will deliver similar AI counts and environment sizes.

According to Noseworthy on Twitter, they are still “evaluating” the 4K capabilities of Xbox One X. Since Microsoft’s mid-generation upgrade is fairly new and patching games to run 4K at optimal performance can be challenging, and this seems to be the case with Bungie.