Call of Duty Modern Warfare New Update adds Black Lives Matter Message on Splash Screen

The popular first person shooter video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will now show support for the Black Lives Matter movement with a certain update.

The splash screen has been replaces with a message that shows support to the Black Lives Matter movement. It appears whenever the game is launched and it also appears when the players switch to a new mode like the Battle Royale mode Warzone. It is currently present on the PS4 and Xbox One version. The PC version should have this message as well.

The message reads:

Our community is hurting. The systemic inequalities our community experiences are once again center stage. Call of Duty and Infinity Ward stand for equality and inclusion. We stand against the racism and injustice our Black community endures. Until change happens and Black Lives Matter, we will never truly be the community we strive to be.

Source: The Verge

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