Call Of Duty Warzone Two-Factor Authentication Angered Cheaters

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ghost

Several cheaters of popular video game Call of Duty Warzone have come to complain on a forum about their melancholy.

Call of Duty Warzone two-factor authentication works

Just recently game developer Infinity Ward implemented the two-factor authentication on Warzone to combat cheaters. It turns out that the method was so effective that it pissed off several of them. They went to a certain forum board recently to vent their frustration about it.

It turns out that the method has locked out cheaters from the game causing hardware bans. No new account can save them because the hardware itself cannot be used anymore to play the game on official servers. Good riddance.

Redditor auRon took to Reddit to post a few statements from the cheaters. Justice has been served.

The game is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.