Canceled Immortals: Fenyx Rising 2 New Details Get Revealed

Aside from the Polynesian culture, more details get released!

New details of the canceled Immortals: Fenyx Rising 2 got revealed in a report.

According to a report by Axios, it was revealed that the work on the project (codenamed Oxygen) started in 2021. It was going to be a considerable departure from the 202 original, abandoning Greek mythology and focusing more on Hawaiian Polynesian culture, which was previously reported before. There were also other changes like a more realistic graphical style, the removal of the first game’s narrator, less emphasis on puzzle solving, and the addition of a story driven by player choice.

Immortals 2 was also going to drop the open-world formula, which was Ubisoft’s usual style. It was going to be inspired by Elden Ring which would require players to figure out their own path forward. They would have to track animals, navigate via stars, or follow the wind.

The report also stated that players can customize the protagonist with a choice of gender. They would need to impress the Polynesian gods to grant them elemental and shape-shifting powers. They will also get new tattoos based which was based on the direction of the choices they took in the story. It is claimed that the players’ actions would impact the land around them.

Unfortunately, the game got canceled as a result of Ubisoft’s redirection and reallocation of some of its creative teams and resources within the Quebec studio to other unannounced projects.

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