CAPCOM Celebrates Street Fighter 6 Launch with Two New Big Announcements

New helpful features for the game!

Street Fighter 6 has now launched worldwide and CAPCOM celebrates it with two big announcements.

Street Fighter 6 Launch Success

CAPCOM’s latest title Street Fighter 6 is out now worldwide and is gaining a lot of positive feedback from everyone from critics to fans all over the world. It is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/s. This iteration represents the next evolution of the Street Fighter series with a combo of unique fighting game innovations and new content.

Buckler’s Boot Camp

Since the game is out now, CAPCOM is now celebrating the launch with two new announcements. The first one reveal of Buckler’s Boot Camp, which is a companion website. Players are able to check out their own and opponents’ stats, leaderboard placements, and club memberships. They can also review a list of commands for each character’s moves, browse through their costumes, and learn directly from the game developers through useful tips for playing the game. They can also find information on in-game events, rewards, and other updates. They can also play the minigame Pockest to train cute pixel-art characters to develop them into CAPCOM Fighting Characters.

Onitsuka Tiger In-Game Items

The second announcement reveals the addition of free Onitsuka Tiger In-Game Items. CAPCOM collaborated with Onitsuka Tiger for these free in-game items which are two t-shirts and two sneakers for players’ custom avatars. They can get this in the Battle Hub and check the messages to get these free items before July 3, 2023.

Fighting Pass Rewards

Fighting Pass will also introduce new free and premium rewards for each month which will give players new ways to customize avatars and player profiles with even more fun and exciting avatar gear, emotes, music tracks, stickers, titles, in-game wallpapers, photo borders, and classic CAPCOM arcade games to play in Battle Hub.

Street Fighter 6 is out now.

Source: Game Press

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