CAPCOM Confirms Sixth Consecutive Year of Record-High Profit

CAPCOM wins big this year!

CAPCOM has now announced its record number of game sales as its share price has now hit an all-time high for the sixth time.

CAPCOM has revealed that it sold more games in its last fiscal year compared to any other in its history. This covers the year ended March 31, 2023. It was revealed in its end-year financial results stating it has now sold 41.7 million games. Compared to its previous fiscal which sold 32.6 million games, this fiscal year has now broken the record for the most games sold in a business year.

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With this new record, it has helped them achieve its sixth consecutive year of record-high profit and that is on all levels. It has also announced that it is its tenth consecutive year of operating income growth.

This new record sales figure was achieved all thanks to the launch of two new titles, which are Resident Evil 4 Remake which sold 3.75 million copies while Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak sold around 5.45 million copies. Most of its sales come from its catalog titles though, which include titles in, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry series. All of them reached 29.3 million units sold, which has now exceeded its previous fiscal year sales of 24 million units.

Based on the records, 89.4 percent of the game sales in the current fiscal year were digital with 37.3 million copies sold. 19.7 percent of those were sold in Japan with 8.2 million units sold. Aside from Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and Resident Evil 4 Remake, the top selling titles are Monster Hunter Rise with 3.7 million units, Resident Evil 2 with 2.25 million units, and Resident Evil 3 with 1.95 million units.

Due to these results, CAPCOM’s share price has now hit an all-time high.