CAPCOM Will Launch Several Major Games Starting Now Until March 2021

Game company CAPCOM will be releasing more major games this fiscal year.

CAPCOM to release more games

In a recent earnings reveal, it was revealed that they have plans to make numerous major titles starting now until March 2021. They expect to sell 28 million units by the end of the fiscal year. They are planning to do this with 13 new SKUs, and continued sales of its back catalogue.

One of the major SKUs that got released this fiscal year is Resident Evil 3. This leaves us with 10 more and by the looks of that there could be three or four games coming. Rumors suggest that it could be the upcoming sequel Resident Evil 8. Others say it is a new fighting game.

Nothing to go on much with these details except for “major games.” This could mean some popular franchise will be getting a new title, especially the ones that have big sales right away.

Thanks VG247.

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