CAPCOM Claims Top Publisher 2018 On Metacritic Toppling Others


Metacritic has recently revealed the scores of their top publishers of 2018 and the one to get the highest score is none other than CAPCOM.

CAPCOM claims top one

In a rather surprising turn, the game publisher has taken the throne of being the top publisher of 2018 by Metacritic standards. The reason behind such proclamation is due to the release of 14 unique titles in 2018, which includes highly anticipated ones like Mega Man 11 and Monster Hunter World. Actually, the title that garnered them the highest score was Monster Hunter World with a 90 at the time for Xbox One. The lowest rated title was Megaman X Legacy Collection 2 for Nintendo Switch, which was a 60. Overall, it garnered a total score of 79.3 and it even made a major jump in the ranks from 5 to 1 that made it overtake other major companies like EA, SEGA, Nintendo and Ubisoft.

Second place was taken by SEGA thanks to games like Sonic Mania Plus and Two Point Hospital. EA got third place with titles like FIFA 19. The last one was surprisingly Nintendo even though it had major releases like Octopath Traveler, Mario Tennis Aces, and Super Smash Bros. It could not shake off the lowest earning games though like Kirby Battle Royale that got 57.

Source: Event Hubs