Castle of Shikigami 2 To Launch on Switch and PC this December

A demo of the game is also expected to be part of Steam Next Fest

Developer Degica Games have announced a release date for scrolling shooter game, Castle of Shikigami 2. The game will launching on PC (via Steam) this December. Moreover, the game will be launching with two band-new game modes and a completely retranslated English version from the original.

The launch of Castle of Shikigami 2 will also introduce a new Entry Mode for players of all skill levels to appreciate and enjoy. With revamped enemy placement throughout the game, all players can jump into the unique and intertwined storyline of each of the seven main characters and battle their way through five total stages that are broken up into three parts.

Degica Games is participating in the Steam Next Fest and will have a new demo available for Castle of Shikigami 2. Players will get a first look at the game on Steam with 3 playable characters and 2 available stages.

Watch the Teaser Trailer here

In the game, players choose one of seven characters, each with different unique abilities, and use their shots, special Shikigami attack, and bombs to destroy enemies. The unique backgrounds of each character are intricately intertwined, creating as interesting storyline for the shooter.

In between 5 total stages, different stories will be played for each character, and when playing with 2 players, a completely different story unfolds depending on the combination of characters used, all of which are fully in voiced in Japanese.

Castle of Shikigami 2 New Features

  • New Entry Mode: Revamped enemy placement in all stages with many changes that will surprise even the most experienced of players!
  • Brand New Translation: We know everyone is waiting for this! A completely retranslated English version.
  • Dramatic Change Mode: Operates with 1 player switching between characters, and you get the same story as when there’s 2 players.

Additional Features

  • Enjoy the storyline with the different personalities of each of the seven main characters!
  • Fight using three types of attack methods: Normal Attack, Shikigami Attack, and Special Attack.
  • 5 stages in 3 parts! (each stage x 3 parts + a boss in each part)
  • Aim for a high score with the Tension Bonus System (TBS), which allows players to earn high scores by getting close to enemies or enemy bullets.
  • Two player simultaneous play (local only)
  • Plenty of Steam achievements and trading cards available.

Source: Press Release