CD Projekt RED Reveals Profits Dropped Tons in First Quarter

Cyberpunk 2077

Game company CD Projekt RED has recently reported in a published earnings document that for the first quarter of FY2021 profits has dropped. A lot.

yes, it’s a big pile of burning….

The game company shared that it has dropped by 64.7 percent, which is $8.7 million compared to the expected $21.8 million. Analysts revealed it was supposed to generate that kind of money, but they say it is the result of the 2 percent revenue slump. The main reason though is its continued development in order to fix the controversial video game Cyberpunk 2077. They are still even considering making DLC too.

CD Projekt RED is also blaming their missing revenue from the PlayStation Store since the game has been removed for a while now. They are planning to change that, but it seems the situation is going to last a bit longer than anticipated.

“The general situation as long as we are not back on the Sony store has not changed. One of the leading marketplaces for us is not available and we generate most of the sales on the PC/digital channels,” the game company shared.

The game company is still hopefully that once the DLCs will be released, it will finally gain back more revenue. More importantly, Cyberpunk 2077 coming back to the PlayStation Store is still a big plus for them.

Thanks VG247!