Cebu PlayStation Gamers United announces plans for future events and Sirus Gaming to do official coverage

Last night, the Cebu PlayStation Gamers United founder (CPGU), Paul Tan, and the group admins (Alain Zurita and Jan Liao) have discussed future plans they have this year for the Cebuano gamers and PlayStation fans. Sirus Gaming steps in as the official media partner for their events to provide coverage of their upcoming events and tournaments.

In the course of the meeting, Paul Tan and the other CPGU admins are already planning for LAN parties and tournaments for the other members to have fun and most importantly: to get together.

“It’s time to get the group back together. The LAN parties, the tournaments, the events, we need to bring those back for our members to know that we’re still a committed enthusiast PlayStation group.” Paul Tan said in Visayan dialect.

It’s exciting to know that the group will be back on their roots to host events like LAN gatherings and online/local tournaments. The group was in ARCHCon 2014 at Ayala Center Cebu and Otakufest 2015 at the UP Grounds. They hosted tournaments for Street Fighter and Tekken Tag.

For the members of CPGU, get hyped as these plans are already in the works and we at Sirus Gaming will keep all of you posted once the admins settle the plans and are ready for the events.

You can follow their official Facebook here.