Chunkybox Games Announces Wildcat Gun Machine

The claws are out and the fur will fly!

Wildcat Gun Machine

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer Chunkybox Games have officially announced their new purrfectly executed dungeon crawler, Wildcat Gun Machine. The game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam) in late 2021.

Armed with a wide variety of guns, a mountain of bullets and a bad attitude, players will bullet hell dungeons and face hordes of formidable opponents like disgusting flesh beasts and other ferocious trigger happy monsters.

Clawsome, Deliberate Design

To keep enemy encounters challenging and balanced, all dungeons are specifically designed, not randomized, mind you, to provide difficult combat puzzles that will require creative solutions to deadly problems. Of course, most of these solutions come in the form of one of the 40 gun types to choose from, each one more destructive than the last.

The only thing cats like more than chasing a laser dot, is putting it between the eyes of their enemies.

Key Features

  • Bullet hell shooter meets dungeon crawling
  • Over 40 gun types to maul your enemies with
  • Skill upgrades to suit your playstyle
  • Epic set-pieces boss battles
  • Unique 2D art style
  • Monster Blasting combat puzzles
  • Hand crafted levels for optimal action

Wishlist Wildcat Gun Machine right now and join the discord here.