Civilization VI Adds Portugal, Two World Wonders and Zombies

Civilization VI

Game studio Firaxis has revealed the latest DLC pack for popular video game Civilization VI.

civilization vi

The new DLC pack, the Portugal pack, adds three new contents for the game. There is one new leader and civilization, Portugal, the two new world wonders in the Torre de Belem and Etemenanki, a new Westlands map script, and the weirdest of them all, Zombies Defense.

No deep details yet on the Portugal civilization, but there will be a future deep dive later on. It will probably be about naval gameplay, which is something this particular civilization is specialize in.

Zombies Defense mode is a new feature that the game will implement later on. Units that get killed in action will have a chance of reviving into a zombie and attack the nearest city full of living citizens. If one unit gets killed by that zombie, they turn into one and the cycle goes on.

There will be new features to build like a new trap and barricade, which will be helpful against the zombies trying to invade cities. There are new city projects that can be built to temporarily control zombies within the city limits. This will allow players to move them away from the city, or direct them to enemy territory.

The devious one of all is the zombie defense spy operation, which allows players to spawn zombies on worked tiles in another player’s city.

Civilization VI is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch. The Portugal Pack will be added on March 25 and is part of the New Frontier Pass.

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Here’s a new developer update video: