Code Vein Gets New Trailer Featuring Io, Boss Battle, And More

Code Vein title

Game publisher Bandai Namco recently released some new information about upcoming Souls-like action-RPG Code Vein with a new trailer.

Code Vein Io info revealed

Bandai Namco reveals some new information about the mysterious inhabitant of the main base named Io. She actually comes with the main protagonist as a companion NPC during battles with her special large spear.

Io’s specialty aside from the mastery of her cool weapon is to support the player with HP recovery and curing abnormal statuses. Her attack power is a bit average, so it is mostly up to the player to handle the offense. She also uses the Ivy type blood veil.

New level

The video featured a new level called the Depths of Death. There is a new Trial of Blood that can be activated by touching a red item that can be found in the dungeons. Players who activate it will make enemies attack, but overcoming them will grant them upgrade materials.

Multiplayer content

There is new information about the multiplayer features. Players who send a signal flare can summon another player. They can share loot and abilities between players and their NPC companions. The communication is handled via gestures, stamps, and preset voiced lines. A boss battle was also featured.

The game will launch in Japan on Sept. 27. The western release will be a day later on Sept 28 for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

Check out the trailer below:

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