Codemasters Will Be Left Alone by EA Just Like Respawn

Game company Electronic Arts has made it clear in a statement that game studio Codemasters will be handled just like how they did it with Respawn Entertainment.

According to CEO Andrew Wilson, the publisher will not be making any changes to the newly-acquired studio. They are even encouraging the studio to have its independence even if they are under their wing.

“Similar to Respawn, our orientation isn’t to come in and take over Codemasters; our orientation isn’t to come in and turn Codemasters into another Electronic Arts studio; our orientation is around the provision of opportunity,” shared Wilson with media outlet MCV in an interview.

“This industry is all about amazing, creative talent. And we see little upside in the indoctrination of that amazing creative talent. But we do want to provide them access to the things that we get by virtue of our position in the industry.”

Wilson says that EA is only handing Codemasters “a set of keys” to access the tools that they have like several IP, modern technology, marketing resources, and a built-in player base. This is also what happened with Respawn, he claims.

Codemasters CEO Frank Sagnier quite agrees with Wilson. “EA brings scale with its sales and marketing muscles, live services expertise, state-of-the-art analytics platform, EA access, EA Play, Origin – just so much wealth that EA brings in terms of their services.”

Source: MCV via VG247