Codemasters Shareholders Approve of EA’s Big Offer

Electronic Arts deal is almost complete after the shareholders of the game studio Codemasters approved of it in a recent meeting.

The shareholders recently convened in a general meeting and were asked to vote for or against the company becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of EA. Their offer was valued at $1.2 billion.

The results were clear: majority of the shareholders, 63 of the 76, were in favor and the others were not. Since the shareholders represent 99 percent of the developer’s shares, then the vote is unanimous.

To finally close this deal and make it official, there will be a court hearing first. This will sanction the deal on February 16 and on the following day will be the last day of dealings for Codemasters shares. All dealings will be suspended starting February 18 and onwards.

When the deal is complete, expect to hear an announcement from both companies later on. Codemasters will be owned by Codex Games, an indirect subsidiary that EA established.

Thanks Games Industry!