Commander Cool 2 got Greenlit

Orlyapps is excited to announce Commander Cool 2 got Greenlit in 21 days.

Commander Cool 2 is a four player local coop retro-styled adventure that is destined to be one of coolest game in 2015!


And they were right! You need not travel through time alone to find the scoundrel who took off with the time traveling technology! Play in local co-op with up to 4 friends as you battle everything from dinosaurs to the demented death dealers of the future!

Time travel is the order of the day for Commander Cool and yourself if you can handle the excitement!

When an evil genius, err…curious janitor, gets his hands on a time travel device in a secret lab, the scientist loses his mind and calls in Commander cool to use the rickety prototype in order to hunt down the thief through three different ages from the distant past to the future!

Weapons? You say… But of course! And many of them!

You will be issued up to 9 crazy weapons of doom and destruction as you adventure through the dangerous eras of the stone age, the golden age of piracy to battle the scurvy pirates, and a mysterious future time. Use weapons like RS-182 Rainbow Spitting Unicorn and the formidable VW-21.2 Volcano Weapon to annihilate all threats!

90+ exciting levels of game play that takes you back to the Stone Age and into the Future for multiplayer madness!
1-4 player local multiplayer mode.
Create custom levels with a level editor.
9 crazy weapons.
10 funny player costumes.
Over 30 different enemies and traps.
3 different time periods. (Stoneage, pirates, future).
Game controllers and keyboard supported.

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