Company of Heroes 3 Developer Diary Features New Dynamic Campaign Map

The new dev diary talks all about the dynamic campaign map

Developer Relic Entertainment have released a deep dive development diary video for their upcoming game, Company of Heroes 3. In this video, player can learn more about the origins of the new Dynamic Campaign Map.

The developers have also discussed some of the exciting new systems, decisions players will have to make, and how the Dynamic Campaign will affect the classic RTS gameplay that players know and love. New to the game are new resources and mechanics including Partisans, Air and Naval forces, and how these systems can be used to turn the tide of the conflict.

Watch the dev diary here

For the first time in the history of the franchise, step into the role of a WWII general on the brand new Dynamic Campaign Map and determine the course of the Allied campaign in Italy. With a birds-eye view of the conflict, players will have to make decisions that impact both the tactical battles the series is known for.

“We knew we wanted to make a big splash with our campaign and so we thought a dynamic campaign map that’s replayable. It worked well in Arden’s Assault which was add-on to Company of Heroes 2. But what if we expanded on that.” comments David Littman, executive producer.

“It’s exposing the player to a broader conflict that requires a whole heck of a lot of logistics, which is where are my troops? How do they land? Do I have the right troops for the job?”, says Andrew Deneault, campaign map lead.

Company of Heroes 3 is set to release on PC (via Steam) sometime in 2022. It brings the series’ intimate boots-on-the-ground storytelling to a brand-new theatre of war.

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