Company of Heroes 3 Free Major Update Launch Soon

First big content drop for the game!

Relic Entertainment has recently announced that Company of Heroes 3 will be getting its free major update called Operation Sapphire Jackal tomorrow.

Operation Sapphire Jackal offers players daily and weekly Challenges to complete in both Multiplayer and Co-op modes, a wide range of cosmetics and more. Challenges are randomly selected and range from ‘Kill 50 vehicles with anti-tank guns’ to ‘Gain 50 veteran ranks with Wehrmacht infantry’. It offers the biggest challenge for the most seasoned Company of Heroes veterans out there.

This is Relic’s first major update and it will come with a lot of bug fixes, gameplay balance adjustments and quality of life improvements like the voice-over for the Ghurka Infantry, updates to Unique Player Color option for teammate/enemy clarity, audio adjustments, and improvements to tooltips and descriptions to better reflect abilities, and more.

Together with the Operation Sapphire Jackal DLC is the new in-game cosmetics so players can customize their armies and units in both multiplayer and single player modes. It offers a balanced mix of earnable and premium content to ensure players are free to choose how they wish to engage the game.

Items can be purchased with either War Bonds which can be purchased, or Merit, which can be acquired by completing in-game Challenges. Merit can be used to purchase some, but not all items.

Operation Sapphire Jackal launches tomorrow, March 28, 2023 at 10 AM PT/ 6 PM BST. Company of Heroes 3 is out now on PC via Steam.

Source: Press Release

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