Congo v0.2 Available Now!

Early Access title Congo releases the long awaited v0.2 with a host of new stuff. A substantial step towards full release, v0.2 offers a view of things to come as the core structure of the game has been stripped down and built back up in order to support more extensive content that is coming soon!

You can get the new version from Steam –

New Game Mode – Defense
Defense mode is a more traditional horde-style game mode where all 4 players must defend an objective for as long as possible, travelling out into the jungle where possible to collect supplies and equipment. 

4 New Defense Levels
Four new levels for Defense game mode. Fishing Village, Mountain Checkpoint, Military Outpost and Old Market House. 

Singleplayer Mode
We have made several changes to make a solo-play experience more forgiving by adjusting spawn levels and item drops. We have also introduced a new item to help survival 

Hunting Knife
When equipped with a hunting knife, you have the ability to kill a demon once they have jumped you. This is a one-use item and can be found dropped around the jungle. In singleplayer mode you will start equipped with several. 

New Demon Type
Making more of presence in the jungle now are a new type of demon. Smaller, faster, more agile but less dangerous than their bigger brothers, they dart out of the vegetation and knock you to the ground, leaving you vulnerable to further attack. 

Spectator Mode
Watch your friends fail or succeed or be true heroes and revive you with the new spectator mode. Left-click to cycle through players and Right-click to switch between free camera or locked. 

Voice Chat In-Game
Press T to chat with the other players in-game. 

Update to Unreal Engine
Updating to the later versions of UE4 has brought a number of improvements and optimisations. 

GPS Unit
The GPS unit can be used to find objectives and useful checkpoints. If somebody is out to scavenge weapons, give them the GPS so they can find their way back! 

Re-work of Objective Mode
Objective mode has been altered. Originally, there were checkpoints which you could capture which gave you bonuses.. We found that actually these were confusing so we have now stripped them out and just made those areas more valuable for supplies. We have also reworked the introduction video and is now a little clearer. 

Fixed Level Holes
There are always sneaky level holes! We’ve blocked up quite a few… Hopefully all of them. 

Fixed Swarms and Spawners
There was a strange issue with spawners and swarms where they weren’t escalating correctly. It was hard to gauge difficulty levels but now you should see a significant difference…. Good luck! 

Foliage and Jungle Optimisation
We have stripped out all the jungle and replaced them with UE4’s foliage tool. Should look and feel virtually the same, but is now more dense and should increase performance. 

Bug fixes and Optimisations 

Founder, Chief Editor