Control Checkpoint System, Difficulty Has Room For Improvement

Game developer Remedy Entertainment recently said that its video game Control still has room for improvement in certain areas in a recent interview.

Control difficulty and checkpoint system can be improved

Remedy Entertainment director Mikael Kasurinen stated in a recent interview that he feels they could have taken a different approach to the checkpoint system. It could have appealed to more players.

Kasurinen explained:

It is something that we explored different directions with and we wanted it to be cohesive. We wanted it to feel like it’s not random based on the situation. We wanted to be honest and consistent with it. That’s the system that works for us in that concept we were building. Looking back, I think we could have taken a different approach with it that would have maybe worked better for more players. So, there’s definitely room for improvement with many, many things in the game. That’s maybe one thing that we get commented on.

Difficulty could have gotten some improvement as well, Kasurinen said. However, the developer believes that adding various levels of difficulty is not the way to go.

We wanted to create the content in a way that the content that you saw was the definition of the difficulty. The problem of course is, how clear is that to the player as they enter this world? I still believe strongly in the direction that I don’t think choosing a difficulty level is necessarily the right way to solve that problem. But I think it’s something that we do need to do better in the future and we should strive to find a solution for it.

The full game is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: GameSpot via PlayStationLifestyle