505 Games Explains Control Ultimate Edition Upgrade


Game publisher 505 Games recently posted a blog that explains how the upcoming Control Ultimate Edition upgrade works.

Remedy Entertainment recently revealed the Ultimate Edition and the method of upgrading the current gen version to the next gen version, but many gamers were confused. Ultimately, many were frustrated because they thought they would have to buy the game all over again with the Ultimate Edition since that was the only one that could be upgraded to next-gen. The publisher shared some new information to clarify on how it would really work.

Check out the explanation here:

Will I be able to purchase the Control base game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, without the additional content?
No. The only version of Control available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be Control Ultimate Edition.
However, if you have the Control base game, the Expansion Packs or the Season Pass on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One in your collection, you will still be able to play 100% of your game and enjoy an enhanced experience through backwards compatibility.
Does this mean the Season Pass won’t be available to purchase separately on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X?
Correct. All content featured will be available as part of Control Ultimate Edition. The original base game, Expansion Packs and Season Pass will not be sold separately on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.
I own the Control base game and Season Pass. Is this not the same as Control Ultimate Edition?
The objective of Control Ultimate Edition was not to release new exclusive content on the next gen platforms, but to offer the full Control gameplay experience to new Control players in a single, easy-to-find product. The PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X versions of Control contain the same content as the current gen game, though they do take full advantage of the power and features provided by these new consoles.
The upgrade path that we are offering is only possible when upgrading from the same version of the game. As we are only doing additional development on Control Ultimate Edition on the next gen platforms, we are unfortunately unable to offer an upgrade path to all existing Control players. We understand how this might upset a number of players but you will still be able to play the 2019 edition of Control and each Expansion on the new platforms.
Is Control backwards compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X?
Absolutely! Owners of the original edition of Control on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can enjoy backwards compatibility when next gen systems launch.
In conclusion…
To bring Control to next generation consoles in any form, we had to make some difficult decisions and those came in the form of creating the simplified Control Ultimate Edition product plan we have today.

In summary, there are two versions of Control: the 2019 version and the Ultimate Edition. The 2019 version will be the original one from the current gen. Now here is the difference: the Ultimate Edition is the base game plus the expansions and other content PLUS other “enhancements.” Apparently the latter version will have some new additions that the original did not have, possibly visual improvements.

The Ultimate Edition can be played on PS4 and Xbox One and it can also be upgraded to the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The 2019 version can be played on the PS5 and Xbox Series X as well, but without those “enhancements.” There will be some differences.

Hopefully this has finally cleared the confusion.

Source: Official Blog

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